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We offer Private Label Packing services where special blends are created and packed according to client specifications in a flexible and timely manner. Our signature levels of quality are consistently maintained no matter what sort of packaging is required and all our teas are packed in a way that the freshness and rich aroma of the tea is well preserved.

  • UniWorld Teas also offers in-house tea bagging capabilities with the ability to produce a large number of units depending on client requirements
  • Our modern Flavouring Machine/Drum enables us to create a wide range of tea in a variety of flavours
  • Our state-of-the-art Packing Machine has the ability to pack an array of sizes ranging from 100g to 1 kg packs

A variety of packaging options in required sizes and shapes are available for black, flavoured, and green teas.

These include :

  • Tea bags
  • Packets
  • Pouches
  • Tin caddies
  • Ceramic containers
  • Wooden boxes